Program Administrators/Managing General Agents

We have the financial capacity to assume risks. We are rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best in the Financial Size Category XII ($1 Billion to $1.25 Billion). Quality partnerships mean that we provide fully customized solutions as unique as your business.


Our focus is on launching niche programs and developing relationships with experienced and trusted partners. We are committed to using successful, mutually agreed underwriting strategies with these high-quality Program Administrators/Managing General Agents.


We are nimble while maintaining the scale to support your business during cyclical markets. We will work closely with you on the smallest details to provide coverage and services that focus on the unique challenges your clients face every day.


We consistently review and analyze our underwriting guidelines so our highly skilled underwriters can swiftly respond to your evolving needs.

Work with Us

Partnership Overview

At Watford U.S., we strive to develop long-term partnerships with Program Administrators and Managing General Agents who support our standards of:

  • Outstanding underwriting expertise in the classes and LOB of the program.
  • Strong leadership and business acumen.
  • Solid reputation.
  • Superior program administration.
  • Scalable distribution platform.
  • Deep knowledge of marketplace of program competitors, geography, pressures and opportunities.
  • Proven profitability (5+ years preferred) with stable carrier relationships.

Program Appetite

We welcome the opportunity to help our Program Administrators offer customized solutions. Our current program appetite includes:

  • InsurTech and Startup initiatives.
  • Commercial business.
  • Homogenous classes preferred.
  • Premium projection of $10M or greater (preferred).
  • Unique value proposition.

Contact Us

Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming a Program Administrator/Managing General Agent,
contact our Head of Programs:

Paul Sullivan
Tel: 1-860-713-2032