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This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are and how we use cookies on our website. For almost any website to work properly, it needs to collect certain basic information on its users. Websites can obtain this data by users voluntarily choosing to submit certain information. However, many websites, including ours, may also use a variety of technologies, including through third parties, that access information already stored on your personal computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone or smartphone (each a “Device”) whenever you visit or interact with our website. Cookies are one form of this technology that collect information to help us improve your online experience. This Cookie Policy also explains the different types of cookies we use, and how you can change or delete them. Please also see our Privacy and Data Protection Policy for further details about the ways in which we collect and use your personal data as well as other tracking technologies that may be used on the website.

We hope that this Cookie Policy helps you understand, and feel more confident about, our use of cookies on our website. If you have any further queries, please contact us via email at: [email protected].